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I'm Eva and...


I like coffee, the smell of incense and indie folk music.

I like walks with my dogs Tona, Cookie and Tina and I like the caresses of my cat Lola.

I like order and spontaneous chaos.

I like planning and I love adventure.

I like falling in love - not so much falling out of love.

I like beautiful people and conversations with a good glass of wine.

I like sharing laughter and a good sense of humor.​

I like to wake up slowly with the sunlight.

I like the sound of the sea.

I like the sun in summer and I like the rain at any time of the year.

I like it when I get goosebumps and I like it when an emotional tear falls.

That's me and that's how I try to be behind the camera


We are not going to start talking about prices, packs, albums, etc. For us it is more important to talk about how we share  with you on such an important day as your wedding. We want to be more than just photographers and videographers for you. We want you to feel comfortable with us because we are going to be on that day where chaos reigns, emotions, laughter, tears, surprises. 

Are you worried about having a photographer/videographer stuck on your wedding day and spoiling the good times?

Imagine that you can forget about the photos and the video  and still have a memory for a lifetime. 



The wedding day

The hours before the ceremony are one of the most beautiful moments of that day. It is when the future bride and groom button their shirts nervously. When the brides take their dress, so dreamed. 

They are moments of joy, of hugs, of tears, of sharing feelings. 

So we advise you to also take into account the environment.


We usually take photos and video of you while they make you up, so think about what you will wear at that time. For them we recommend casual clothes and for them a robe of the color that best suits you  


Do you know what a first look is? 


Well, it's seeing you before the ceremony, just the two of you, in a very intimate way. 

We assure you that it is a super romantic moment and that you would not have it otherwise. 

It is the way to be able to enjoy yourself as soon as you see each other, which you cannot do at the ceremony. 

You are not convinced by the idea?

You have the option of going blindfolded, or  being each one in a corner of the wall and only being able to touch and listen to each other in such and such a special moment.



It is another of the most important moments of the day. So we recommend that you also take light into account.


It will not be the same if you get married indoors than outdoors. If the wedding is going to be in summer and around noon try to be positioned so that the sun does not bother you and both you and your guests have shade. You can help yourself with the trees that exist and if not with neutral colored umbrellas. 


If the ceremony is religious be sure to ask the priest how he feels about the photograph. Sometimes they believe that the photographer is a distraction. It is best to talk to him a few weeks or months in advance so that we can take away potential concerns.


We are very respectful in the ceremonies, we try to hinder as little as possible and we are hardly seen.


We only need half an hour and we let you enjoy this day with your guests. 


When is the best time? 

If the wedding is in the morning, the ideal would be to take advantage of the sunset. The photos and videos with that light are spectacular. So we advise you that even if you are halfway through the banquet, that you leave for 10 minutes. 

If the wedding is in the afternoon, we will take the photos right after the ceremony. 



Where do we do it? 

We make it easy for you... right there, on the farm we have plenty of space. If not, don't worry, we always have plan B, that's what our work is about, finding the best corners. 

Likewise, if you want a special space, you just have to ask for it, that day you send.