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01/  Can we meet?

Of course yes, I leave you a link to make a video call to get to know each other better and to clarify all your doubts. ​ Click here to schedule a time to chat with me

Click here to schedule a time to chat with me

02/ Are you traveling outside of Barcelona?


Of course! You just have to keep in mind that there will be a small price increase in travel, accommodation and diets. ​ ​ ​


03/ How do you work that day?


I will be with you in the most important moments. I will start with your preparations and we are approximately one hour from when the dance begins. ​ ​ ​



04/ We are not photogenic at all


Don't worry about that, you should take care of enjoying yourself to the fullest because I will already know how to make you look as good as possible in the photos. I am helping you at all times. ​ ​ ​



05/ Can we also hire you video?


In other seasons I have had photography and video. Currently I only do wedding photography. But of course we can advise you fellow videographers who do it great. ​ ​ ​



06/ Do you have more equipment or is it just you?


It's just me, Eva and at most an assistant. You won't be surprised if someone shows up at your wedding that you don't know. ​



07/ Do you do intimate weddings / elopements? ​


yes and yes! I love them. From two hours to as many as you need. Ask me about it! ​ ​ ​


08/ Do you do couples sessions? ​


Of course yes and I advise you before the wedding to get to know each other even better and to lose your fear of the camera, if you have it. ​ ​



​ 09/ Do you make albums?


Of course! You can ask me about all our extras.



Complete coverage on the wedding day of photo / video


For any questions or whatever you need, we will be in contact by video call, in person over a coffee, a beer or some tapas.


Private gallery to enjoy your photos and be able to share them with your family and friends


Minimum of 800 photos edited and delivered in high resolution.

And some other thing...

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