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About me?



I'm Eva and...


I like coffee, the smell of incense and indie folk music.

I like walks with my dogs Tona, Cookie and Tina and I like the caresses of my cat Lola.

I like order and spontaneous chaos.

I like planning and I love adventure.

I like falling in love - not so much falling out of love.

I like beautiful people and conversations with a good glass of wine.

I like sharing laughter and a good sense of humor.​

I like to wake up slowly with the sunlight.

I like the sound of the sea.

I like the sun in summer and I like the rain at any time of the year.

I like it when I get goosebumps and I like it when an emotional tear falls.

That's me and that's how I try to be behind the camera



And that's also why HYGGE, a word that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I feel identified, I feel so HYGGE that I couldn't call myself anything else. ​


HYGGE is an attitude, a lifestyle of the inhabitants of Denmark.


HYGGE is said to make homes warmer and people happier. If you ask a Dane what HYGGE is, they will answer that "it is sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night, dressed in a thick wool sweater while drinking a mulled wine with sugar and spices and petting your dog lying next to you." .

It means finding the coziest place in the house, spending time with loved ones and leaving aside obligations.

HYGGE can be families and friends gathering to eat, with the dining room dimly lit.

Or it could be the time you spend alone reading a good book. It works best when there is not too much empty space around the person or people.

The idea is to relax and feel "at home" as much as possible, forgetting about the worries of life, and that is how we would like you to feel at your wedding, relaxed and happy. ​


I don't want to be just your photographer.

I want to be Eva, with whom you can meet for a beer, for a coffee or for a dinner with a glass of good wine.


I want to leave a mark on you,

I want to reach your soul, fill you with tears, tears of emotion. ​


Do you want your HYGGE wedding?

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